OZ Members is a unique membership service to provide young people holding working holiday visa with practical English and hands-on training which will assist them in professional and technical field.

Since Australia is one of the most popular countries for migration, working holiday visa holders can experience multi-culture and English speaking environment. Mostly, they seek cultural and competent experiences but fail to do so due to lack of preparation. OZCAREER provides Its Own and Only Membership Services for those who wants to be successful in avoiding waste of time, cost, and trials and errors.

This Membership provides overall service from settlement to employment and local vocational training as well. We are assisting each individual until they are successful in the employment. With our vocational training, they will have better understanding of Australia and its employment market situation. Our office is located in Sydney CBD, Melbourne and Brisbane. Therefore, we will assist young spiritual people in their employment and experience from all over Australia.

OZCAREER Local Vocational Training Schedule

 Monday  Tuesday Wednesday  Thursday  Friday
 Introduction of Australia  Certificate introduction (RSA, RCG, Barista, White card, First Aid, Food Safety)  Writing a Professional CV & Writing a Cover Letter  Job interview : Role playing for Individual  Accountant Guest speaker (Tax Law and Information)
 Occupation in demand and its market  Researching Jobs & How to apply jobs?  Finalizing your CV & Cover letter  Job interview : Role playing for Group Interview  Creating ABN and operating business with Working Holiday Visa

Process for OZ Members

1. Pre-Consultation (OZCAREER Recruitment Specialist)

2. OZCAREER Membership Enrollment

3. OZCAREER Training (Resume, Interview, Jobs)

4. Real Interview with Potential Employers

5. Start to WORK

Requirement to Apply for OZCAREER Membership

Has to have at least Intermediate level of English (Test by OZCAREER Trainer)
Has a valid visa for at least 6 months (Students and Working Holidays can apply)

OZCAREER Membership Benefits

Special Job Membership Benefits from Visa application to Local settlement + Job at once

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