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Ozcareer offers specialises HR Solutions and internship placements for both local and foreign workers in order to solve the skills shortage in the Australian workforce.

Ozcareer HR Solutions

We focus on providing recruitment solutions by actively engaging and seeking a suitable candidate and future employee for the organisations. We make sure they meet the criteria and fit for the business needs.


We provide candidates (including internship) who are keen and ambitious to gain work experience in their chosen field and those who are ready to utilise their knowledge in a highly productive work environment.

Specialised in RPL service

We have partnered with a number of registered training organisations and associate with RTOs, Colleges, Fair Trading and TAFE in the process of RPL applications for students with relevant industry experience.

RTO Partnerships and affiliation

Ozcareer is in Partnerships with RTO to conduct training and assessment services for our RPL Applicants. RTO conducts review of assessments conducted by Ozcareer Assessors, then issues Nationally Recognised Qualifications.

By having numerous RTO Partnerships Agreements, we have the ability to offer a diverse scope of Australian Qualifications to our clients. We work together with our partners to create targeted marketing campaigns that have mutual benefit.

General Qualifications RPL

The knowledge, training and skills one have obtained from one's work and/or general life experiences (both in Australia and overseas) can help gaining a Nationally Recognised Qualification. Our flexible assessment process will review your skills and abilities against industry standards to maximise your previous experience to move forward.

Trades Skills Recognition

Our trade recognition is quick, simple and compliant. We will convert your well gained skills and experience into the equivalent trade qualification. Our trade skills recognition services are covered Australia wide.

International student agency service

Ozcareer has specialists in Mongolia, Thailand and Korea assisting international students with visa and desired study pathway in Australia. Ozcareer has become a one stop shop for international students as an registered immigration agents.
Migration Agent Services:

• Our services are highly recommended by migration lawyers to their clients in order to assist in various visa type applications, including:
• 402 Research and Training Visa Type
• Benchmark Training (B)
• Development of Business Plans, Market Salary Reports, etc.

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